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MLA Style Paper Format – Definition and Tips

MLA style particularizes guidelines for formatting manuscript and writing using the English language. It also gives the writers a system of refereeing their sources by incidental citation and work cited pages.
This helps the writer to build his or her credibility because they demonstrate responsibility to their sources. The use of MLA format for papers will protect the writer from being accused of plagiarism, which is essential or it can also protect them from accidental use of unaccredited sources by other writers.
MLA is a style of documentation when based on general methodology it can be used in any writing. Since data has become mobile and documentation can be found in many different sources, when following the rigid rule this won’t be a problem. Get a research paper example MLA to better understand these.

Tips on the General Guideline MLA Format College Paper

Chapter four of MLA handbook and chapter four of MLA style manual cover the preparation of manuscripts and papers in MLA style. Below is a general guideline for formatting papers in MLA style.

  1. When printing your paper use the standard white 8.5 x 11-inch paper.
  2. Double space your text and use a clear font. MLA recommends the regular and italics style should contrast each other that they can be recognizable one from the other. The font size should be 12pt.
  3. Leave one space after the period or any punctuation mark. Unless otherwise instructed.
  4. Set a margin of 1 inch all sides of the paper.
  5. Format the beginning line of a paragraph a half inch from the left margin. MLA advise to use the tab key instead of the space bar.
  6. Write numbers in all pages sequentially on the high right corner, a half inch up and is level with the right margin. Please note the instructor may change this.
  7. Use italics in the entire essay for the title and only where necessary provide emphasis.
  8. For any endnotes, you have included them on a separate page before your work cited page. Entitle section notes (centered and unformatted).
    MLA Style Essay Format – Formatting the First Page
    Guidelines on how to format the first page of your paper.
    • Do not make a title page for your article unless you have been specifically requested.
    • In the upper left-hand corner of the pages, write your name, your instructor’s name, the course, and the date. Do not to forget to double space.
    • Double space again and midpoint the title. Do not italicize, underline or write the title in quotation marks; craft the title using standard capitalization.
    • Quotation marks or italic can be used when referring to other things in your title, just like in text.
    • Double space between the title and the first line of the text.
    Write a header on the top right corner that has your sir name, then space with a page number; number the pages sequentially with Arabic numerals, one-half inch from the top and level with the right margin. Please note your instructor may ask you to leave this out so always follow instructor guidelines.
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